Daniel & Kevin - Love and Protect

Chapter One

Christmas in Spring

It was Friday and already after 10 p.m. as Daniel Peters was about to call it a day when a co-worker caught him right in time as he was about to leave the police department.


With a wary feeling he turned around, as he noticed Susan’s undertone. “Yes?”

“I know you’re actually done for the day, but do you have a moment for me anyway?”

“Sure.” He let go of the door, and came back to her.

She stuck her head quickly into her office and spoke to someone in there. “Just a second, okay? I’ll be right back.” Then she closed the door and stepped aside with him.

“Any problems in there?”

“No, not really. A young man, who just got a restraining order, but ...”

“Against whom?”

“Against his parents.”

Daniel cocked his eyebrows. “How old?”

“Of age.”

“Of age?”

“Yes, but he’s still living at home. The private College he goes to is in town and doesn’t have a campus for locals.”

“I don’t really get where I come in here ...”

Susan briefly pressed her lips against each other, then she said: “He told me, he’s afraid that his father’s aggressions might turn against him next time.”

“Next time? What’s his name?”

“Kevin Sailor”

Daniel frowned. “Sailor?”

“Uhhuh ... You won’t believe it, but Brad Sailor is his father.”

“The guy that frequently beats his wife? Who then ...” he sighed and didn't finish the sentence; but Susan did it for him.

“... who then files charges and withdraws them shortly later. That’s exactly him. This year already three damn times.”


“The thing really worrying me, is that shortly before signing, he almost frantically admitted that he would love to out himself, but his parents don’t know yet. He obviously has no idea where he’s supposed to stay. He doesn’t have any relatives in town. So there is actually more to it than the ongoing arguing of his parents.” She looked at him meaningfully. “You don’t by chance have room for him?” Susan was aiming at a small but very exquisite foundation he was running at home.

“No, I’m full. I could only offer him a guest room until we find a better solution. Not ideal, but I got a lot of room. And he would be safe for the time being.”

“You wanna speak to him?”

Daniel nodded and pulled out his cell phone. Shortly later he had his friend and colleague Mario Leonardo on the line.

“What shall I order for you?” he asked without saying hello.

Actually, they had planned on meeting at Sean’s although it was quite late. The bar was very popular with cops and it was a place where one could get a warm meal around the clock.

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