Daniel & Kevin - Love and Protect - Page 1

Daniel briefed Mario on the newest developments. “So better not wait for me. In case this Kevin accepts my offer, I drive right home with him. If it comes down to it, I will grab a burger somewhere. I assume the boy hasn’t eaten anything anyway. You gotta have some balls to get a restraining order against your own parents, besides it being really really sad.”

“Sounds quite bad. Hopefully you can convince him to come with you for now. Good luck.”

“Thanks. I’ll call you.” The weekend finally was off after they had finished a complicated case and basically spent all day long with the final paperwork.

“See ya.”

Daniel tucked away his cell. With his leather jacket in hand, he knocked and entered Susan’s office. His gaze caught a young man, who was sitting quite unnerved on a chair in front of Susan’s desk. He was tall, slim and made a neat impression, although his black hair looked as if he just got out of bed. If it had not been for the dark circles around his eyes and the worry lines, he would’ve been quite attractive.

Daniel didn’t miss Kevin looking at him a bit worried since his shoulder holster identified him clearly as another police officer. Maybe he thought: Two cops, only because I don’t want my parents to contact me?

“No worries. Everything’s fine,” Susan said right away soothingly, as Kevin protectively crossed his arms in front of his chest. With an uneasy look he glanced at Daniel.

“Hello … Sir,” he mumbled.

“Hi, Mr. Sailor. Officer Melrose informed me that you got a restraining order and don’t have a place to stay.”

Kevin stood. “Not your problem, I will find something …”

“Kevin, at least listen to detective Peters’ proposal, huh? I step out for a second.” With these words she disappeared through the door.

Daniel hung his jacket over Susan’s office chair and sat down. He didn’t miss Kevin checking him out. At least he didn’t bolt yet.

“Please sit down once more, Mr. Sailor. What I wanna talk to you about, has nothing to do with my police work. I only wanna offer you my help.”

The young man seemed relieved at once and said: “Kevin. Please call me Kevin. My last name makes me puke.”

“Sure.” Daniel looked at him friendly and slowly Kevin sank back on the chair in front of the desk. “Office Melrose told me you don’t know where to spend the night. Is that correct?”

“Uhhuh. I stayed at some friends’ house because one of their roommates was in Australia for half a year, but he came back a few days ago and told me quite bluntly to take a hike. So I packed my stuff and got out.”

“You actually lived there?”

Kevin shook his head. “No. I rather stayed there when it got really bad at home.”

“I see.”

“Officer Melrose hinted that you might be able to help me find a room for the night? I think she’s wrong because I hardly have any money. Just about 15 bucks.”

“I hope I can help, yes.”

“At this late hour?”

“Officer Melrose was hoping that I might have a room for you, but …”

“You also have roommates?” Kevin blurted. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I, uhm, I am a bit worn out. Sorry.”

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