Daniel & Kevin - Love and Protect - Page 27

Daniel lifted his head, when the dog got comfortable by placing his head on their interlaced legs.

“Uhm, sorry to interrupt, but we would really like a teeny-tiny bit more privacy, you mind?” he asked Buddha, reproachfully. “I’ll watch out for him, promise.”

He lifted his head, licked his snout, and jumped off the bed.

They looked at each other stunned.

Kevin propped himself up and looked after him. “He walks to his own bed. Unbelievable, he got that.”

“Smart dog,” Daniel mumbled as Kevin bent over him again.

He looked him in the eyes and seemed almost a bit surprised while he shook his head.

“Hm?” came from Daniel.

“Thought this day would never come,” Kevin mumbled and kissed his chin. “Today’s Christmas, huh?”

Daniel smiled. “Today is first day of spring, but I agree with you: It definitely feels like Christmas.”

With these words, he pulled Kevin back down, and they kissed again.

Finally, they heard a faint snoring from the floor, which brought a grin to both men, and which doubtlessly showed, that Buddha was quite content with the situation.

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