Dave & Jessie - Healing

Chapter One:

Tub with Backsight

David Hanks was standing in his big modern kitchen, and got himself a sports drink from the refrigerator, which he emptied half in a few big gulps. His whole body was coated with sweat after his hard workout.

He had been running for an hour, went through his long stretching program, worked with weights, and did his karate routine. At the end, a punching bag was due since he wanted his body to finally calm down.

At least he had managed to block out the intense events of the past few weeks for three hours.

His gaze fell on the clock on the wall. It was half past 5:00, and he still had enough time for an extensive bath before he went to the party of his best friend, Jason Montgomery, which meant the joyful end of their past three day long and very sportive firm outing for their staff.

Jason and he owned three martial arts studios in which they offered karate, taekwondo and jujitsu, and which were rather successful also due to their additional offering of professional physiotherapy.

Dave threw his sweaty workout clothes in the laundry basket, and filled the big, stand-alone tub with warm water.

After he had gotten himself a bottle of mineral water, he got into the tub and closed his eyes while the hot water surrounded his well-trained, tattooed body.

But instead of calming down, his brain immediately started to work overtime.

Somewhat irritated, Dave squinted. Damn it, why was he not able to get some peace and quiet after all?

Where the hell was the pause button?

Where was the stop button?

Why could he not pull the plug?

Finally he admitted that he couldn’t avoid that one image after the other started to rise, followed by emotions. In the end he gave up, and let the movie run. He turned off the water, leaned back, and journeyed back in time.


How much more simple his live had been a few months ago.

He worked hard; made a profession of his hobby. He was a karate coach and sports teacher at a private college, at which he gave, together with Jason, sporadically courses in the various martial arts.

Since he had been abused for two endless miserable years by the best friend of his father while still a child, he had packed all kinds of emotions‑good ones as well as bad ones‑into a steel safe with impenetrable steel walls. He never again wanted to feel something in his life. He didn't care that by doing so he also blocked out all good feelings. To block out the pain had been more important than anything else. It had been essential to survive.

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