Dave & Jessie - Healing - Seite 1

Back then, his hard-working father had only caught on by accident after two years of torture and had saved Dave by shooting his tormentor. After that he had shot himself, and left Dave alone. Dave's mother hadn't been alive, either, since she had died in a plane crash when he was eight.

His uncle Martin had taken him in and saved him from going off the rails; he had also introduced him to martial arts.

Sports were his life, and specifically karate had saved his life.

Never ever would he let another person close to his body.

Never ever would he let another person touch him.

His tattooed body was the best proof of that.

Dave wasn't only a sports teacher but also a guidance teacher at the college where he taught. He could tell himself umpteenth times that he wouldn't give a damn about emotions, and still he had uncovered various deficiencies in some families. His courage to get involved had most likely multiple times prevented worse. He had an incredible feeling for justice and injustice.

Of course, he also had sex; somewhat different sex than most people.

Dave was gay. He was an impressive man, a fighter, a rather impressive appearance if he wanted.

For almost 20 years he was in the hard BDSM scene. If he wanted sex, he went to one of the well-known, respective clubs, sat at a certain table, and most of the time it didn't take long until the men came to him all by themselves. He drew them like moths to the flame.

Or, if he was interested, he would chat someone up directly.

Dave was always the Master, always the Dom; never a Sub, never passive; always active. And he always made it quite clear what he wanted: explicit, unmistakable submission, corporal punishment, bondage. He wanted to see the men crawl, hear them beg, hear them plead. If they were good, he might let them come.

Dave was well-known, and very much in demand.

It had taken years until he stopped seeing his tormentor in front of him to which he was doing these things. By now, he could do quite well without those images. But every now and then they came up, and he wasn't able to do anything about it.

If something like this happened, he increased his daily training, and worked himself into the ground more than usual. Most of the time it helped.

Everything had been fine in the same old way until Jason had come up with this crazy idea to get himself a very young lover, and asked him‑of all things him‑to join him!

Dave had filmed the two‑at their own wish‑while having sex.

For about seven years, Dave had his own production firm in the porn business, as a second job to fall back on. At least it was a good paying side job.

At first, Dave had thought that the thing with Jason and this young guy would be over in no time, but he had been wrong! Rather the opposite was the case: After only a short amount of time it had turned serious. Fooling around had turned into love.

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