Dave & Jessie - Healing - Seite 3

Pure horror had shown on Dave's face, and made him feel an incredible rage at his tormentor.

Shortly after, they had left Kyle for observation purposes at the private hospital of Jason's friend Sid Becker. His aggressions against himself and his torturer had almost made him lose it. He had been completely taken aback after Jason had shown him the ridiculous dildo, which was just as long as a finger, and which had apparently triggered his panic attack.

Jason had immediately felt guilty, and was of the opinion that they might have wanted too much in a too short amount of time. Back then Jason thought they should have started it differently to show Dave the other, gentle side, and Dave had only stood there for a long time and stared out into Jason's vast garden in despair.

At this moment it would have been so easy to simply turn around and walk back; back into his dark, lonely life; back into a life without any emotions. But then those intense moments between Jason and Kyle had surfaced again in his mind, intense moments he had witnessed which had touched him deep in his soul.

For the first time in his adult life he had been in tears. He had knelt in front of Jason and cried. And although he had knocked out Jason's lover, he was still there for him, and vowed to him that he would accompany him further, if he only wanted it. He knew that Jason dearly hoped that Dave would walk through the right door, namely the one Kyle and he had opened for him, and not through the dark, heavy steel door through which he had come.

At least Dave had taken Jason's advice and turned to a trauma psychologist, although with a heavy heart, who would be at his side on this difficult path of allowing emotions.

Kyle knew about his past since he had answered his questions honestly, after Jason had urged him, about how he had ended up on the hardcore side of BDSM. Since Kyle hadn't told him before that he was about to use a dildo, he wasn't holding a grudge against Dave.

Thus, Kyle and Jason had continued with him after the hospital, and Dave had managed to exceed his own expectations while doing so. For him it was unforgivable what he had done to Kyle, most of all because he felt absolutely safe with him. He didn't see any threat in Kyle. For the first time in his life he was able to allow the closeness of another person, and in this specific case of even two persons.

The more often he witnessed intimate moments between Kyle and Jason, the more he wished for it in his own life. He had tasted blood, and knew that he might be able to succeed one day.

And then came this damn firm outing.


Dave opened his eyes again. He pleaded with his brain to give it a rest. He knew what had happened. But his brain was merciless.

He tilted back his head, as he saw the face of the man in front of him who had turned his life upside down, so he wasn't able to think straight. And in the next instant, his nose filled with his incredible scent of vanilla, cinnamon, tobacco, and sex. Never before in his life had his body reacted to the scent of a man. At least not like this.

He moaned softly when he got an inevitable erection. His hand went to his cock, which filled steadily and grew bigger.


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