Kyle & Jason - The Beginning

Chapter 1

First Contact

It was Monday afternoon, and Kyle was on his usual way home from school. Nobody was waiting there for him, and although it had bothered him for years, by now he didn't care anymore. So, he wasn't really in a hurry.

He didn't notice the man sitting in a black limousine watching him intently.

Kyle might have become nervous at once if he only knew who was watching him.

It was Jason Montgomery, a martial arts coach, teaching at the same private College he was attending. He had never visited any of the coach's classes; nevertheless, he had noticed him on several occasions because of his distinguished and confident demeanor.

Later in life he hoped to be just like Jason Montgomery. Athletic and successful. Not to mention, the man was drop-dead gorgeous. He had dark, slightly curled but very short hair, blue—unbelievably blue—eyes and his gaze could melt ice or freeze water. Most of the time he had an extraordinary goatee cut very short.

Kyle was sure he had at least one tattoo, if not more. Something he definitely had to wait for until he moved out of his parents' house. A couple of days ago he had turned 18, but since he still lived at home he had to obey the common do's and don'ts. And a tattoo was definitely one of the don'ts.

Outside school Montgomery dressed mostly casual, but so far Kyle had only seen him in a suit or his martial arts outfit.

Before Kyle could walk to the bus station, he heard a distinctive whistle. He stopped, and looked around. On the other side of the street he saw a black limousine.

The tinted back window was rolled down halfway, and Kyle recognized Montgomery at once. He looked around before he saw Montgomery beckoning.

Kyle swallowed, and slowly walked up to the car.

"May I give you a ride home?" Jason Montgomery asked with his husky voice, amazingly soft and friendly.

Kyle wanted to decline at first, but then changed his mind. Later on he could not exactly say what made him get into the luxurious car, although he had always wondered what its interior might look like. This decision, however, would turn his life as he knew it upside down—though he would never regret his spontaneous decision.

"Well, it's really not necessary, Sir," Kyle started while climbing into the spacious back of the limousine, and sitting next to Jason.

"I know," Jason smiled. "But I was nearby, and I saw you."

Kyle could not have guessed that this was kind of off the truth. As a matter of fact, Jason had longed for weeks for Kyle to finally turn 18. Now, he had just waited for the right moment to catch him outside of school. "So why not give you a ride home? As far as I know, you live across town," he continued.

"Sure. Cool."

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