Kyle & Jason - The Beginning - Seite 1

"You wanna give me the exact address?" Jason, of course, knew his address. But this he kept to himself as well since Kyle might have considered it fairly odd.

Kyle told him, and Jason passed it on to the driver by intercom.

The car started moving, and Kyle noticed that the front part of the limousine was separated by dark Plexiglas. Somehow, he was relieved not to be observed by the driver looking in the rearview mirror. He managed relaxing a little, although the situation was somewhat out of the ordinary. The car was very spacious, but Kyle was too distracted to actually look around.

Jason was dressed in dark pants and a dark shirt, which he casually wore outside his pants, black shoes and matching socks. Further, he wore a silver chain with a pendant Kyle could not see since it was covered by his shirt. He examined Kyle benevolently.

"You work out in the gym, don't you?" Jason asked, casually.

Kyle nodded. "Regularly. —But I'm light-years away from your shape, Sir."

Jason laughed, and the look that grazed Kyle gave him the shivers.

He had no idea why.

"I've been in the martial arts business for 20 years. So a direct comparison would be kind of unfair, don't you agree?"

"I guess," Kyle nodded, and was relieved. He never thought a chat with Montgomery might be so pleasant and easy. Well, he never thought getting a ride in this awesome car, either.

Jason examined Kyle in depth.

He was about 5'11'' he estimated. Compared to the other guys at school, he had a disadvantage—at least with the girls. They wanted big, broad guys. Kyle was not particularly broad. He was quite athletic, but lean and sleek like a cat. He had dark blond, short hair, brown eyes and a few freckles, dimples and soft lips.

He was a handsome, athletic young man.

Jason had contemplated the reserved, good looking senior for quite some time, whose athletic body turned him on extremely. But this, of course, he didn't tell him either.

"So I'm sure you already got some nice abs?" Jason asked rather bluntly, and pointed with his chin to Kyle's stomach.

He swallowed, noticeably, and blushed. "Uhm— well, a little— but not what you usually might—."

"Usually is not of interest at the moment," Jason interrupted him sharply. "I'm not talking about tough fighters. I'm talking about you."

"I, uhm— why you wanna know?"

"I think you have a great body."

The heat was rising in Kyle's body, and he noticed that he blushed again.

Jason ignored it. "I'm currently working on a very private photography project, and I'm looking . . . hmm . . . how should I put it . . . for a suitable motif.

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