Kyle & Jason - The Beginning - Seite 2

A starting six-pack is just what I'm looking for at the moment. Maybe you feel like letting me take your picture. Of course, I'll pay you. Don't get me wrong or anything," Jason smiled at him, encouragingly.

"I don't think mine is worth taking a picture of," Kyle repeated, insecurely, and immediately planned on stepping up his workout.

"Why don't you let me decide?" Jason countered, and strangely enough, Kyle felt shivers run down his spine as his undertone grazed something deep inside him again.

Was he losing his mind?

"Fifty bucks for one picture. Let's say, I'd like to have two pics. How about that?"

Kyle felt dizzy.

A hundred bucks and he could finally go and get some computer games.

Jason had been quite honest, and what was the big deal? After all, he had asked him, Kyle, although he must know a whole bunch of martial arts students.

"We don't have to do it now. I assume, you are expected at home."

"Nobody is expecting me." The sentence kind of slipped out of Kyle's mouth.

Jason lifted an eyebrow. "Kyle, it's just a private project. Don't you worry about publication or the like."

"Oh, for something like that it's surely not good enough. I mean . . . my abs," Kyle smiled, nervously.

"Let me see," Jason begged, and again pointed with his chin towards Kyle's stomach.

"Here?" Kyle asked, a little bit surprised.

"Why not?" Jason replied calmly, and took out his cell phone.

Kyle pulled up his shirt, and exposed his well-trained abs just up to his ribs.

"Uhh huh, good-looking, as I thought," Kyle heard him mumble contently. "Unfortunately, still some cloth in the way, huh?"

He looked directly into Kyle's eyes, and pleasantly felt his neck hair straighten while Kyle—without asking another question—started to unbutton his shirt from the top to the bottom which, like himself, he wore over his pants.

After he had undone the last button, he looked up insecurely.

Jason's gaze was directed to the portions of smooth skin the little slit of his blue shirt had uncovered.

Kyle swallowed as Jason pulled the fabric to the side. Thereby he didn't miss that Kyle's breathing accelerated.

Very cautiously, Jason touched the portions of his stomach that were considered the six-pack area. He was able to sense the muscles underneath.

He shortly looked up into Kyle's concerned face. "Flex!" he asked, businesslike.

Kyle complied.

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