River & Matt – The Christmas Kiss

“Hey, River, are you okay?”
River rolled his eyes as Matt opened his bedroom door with a concerned look on his face. Thank God, he had quickly pulled up his blanket.
“Sorry, if I get on your nerves but I thought I heard some moaning and weird noises. Are you feeling okay?”
“I just got home and need to relax a bit.”
“Uhm, yeah, sure, but ...”
“Jesus, I just watched some porn, okay?” He saw Matt glancing curiously around the corner to his TV. “A gay porn, you moron. So off you go. Nothing for you.”
“Maybe I can learn something?” Matt joked, and stepped completely into his room, but River had enough and turned off the TV.
“Then go Google for something you like! Out!”
“Alright.” Matt lifted his hands and backed off.
“And close the damn door!” River yelled, but Matt left it ajar. Just great! he thought and contemplated if he should get up and close it. Although he was interrupted, he was still hard, and he didn't want Matt to see him like this.
Agitated he leaned his head against the wall, while his hand automatically wandered under the blanket. Fuck! He just got off his late shift and if he needed something now it was to let off some steam. Afterwards, he would take a long shower and then go out. After all, he was finally off this weekend, so he should make the best of it.
He glanced back at the door, but everything was quiet outside, so he turned the TV back on and was glad the he could continue his clip which was running directly from his laptop. He turned the volume down, although he immediately got mad about it, since this was his house , for crying out loud. Matt was only his guest and he only had taken him in – once again – after his long-term girlfriend told him to take a hike. In the last two years that had happened at least a dozen times and this was the reason why Matt by now had a key. River wasn’t home all the time and since Matt was his best friend, this was a matter of course for him.
However, he was getting agitated, when Matt intruded into his privacy just like he did a minute ago.
Sighing he pressed rewind, then leaned back again and pushed the blanket back down. C'mon, he thought, show the guy how hot this is.
He had a subscription to this gay porn site, and they had posted a new clip just last night which seemed worth watching. At least the trailer said so.
Gay guy seduces straight. Ha! As if this happens all the time, he thought, and his thoughts briefly wandered back to Matt.
Oh please, don't think about Matt and his problems right now, he scolded himself at once.
Okay “seduce” was maybe the wrong word anyway, he thought and grinned as he sipped his well-deserved beer. The straight guy in the clip was tied to a pole and he was blindfolded. Besides, the guy was also gagged right now. River hoped that they would show a kissing scene, but for this they had to remove the gag. Then he remembered the trailer he had just watched, and which ultimately had alarmed Matt. In the trailer they had shown a very hot kiss, besides a hot fuck. So, let’s see.
Geez, the camera angle is excellent! River thought when button by button the shirt was opened, and bare skin surfaced. Where do they find these models for crying out loud? The guy had a pierced nipple and a Maori tattoo on the other chest muscle.
Now he was watching a gloved hand pulling the white shirt to the side and revealing the complete bare chest. Yummy, really yummy!
By now River was rock hard and happy to dive into his little fantasy.
C'mon, oh yeah, the belt. Good idea, boy! he commented in his head the next scene and licked his lips as the jeans opened painfully slow.
In the next scene it was pushed down, and now River stared at the very promising package of the bound man.
Grab him! Oh yeah! River took another sip, and wished he was the one touching the yummy package.
Matt? Oh, fuck off! he growled at the part of his brain that was about to get involved.
The guy with the gloves was now crouching down and pressing his mouth onto the tenting fabric.
River grinned and he had to muffle a soft sigh when he saw that the cock under the fabric reacting even more. Ha! Now he gotcha! he triumphed. No matter if you are straight or gay! How about that?
Eventually there was no more fabric in-between and River gasped while he jacked himself faster, as he watched a tongue going at the by now very hard cock.
Hot shots! Really! One was even able to see a lustful drop in the slit. River felt that he was about to shoot and slowed down. He didn't feel like coming yet.
But he even got hornier in one of the next scenes when he first saw two hot cocks rubbing lewdly against each other, or better said the dominant on his sub. Now the guy finally took off the gag! Yes! Finally!
The guy with the gloves brought his face very close to the one of the other and whispered: You still wanna deny that this turns you on?
Then finally came the kiss, which the bound guy answered with a moan.
River couldn't help it, he jacked-off faster and finally came with a horse growl.
He needed a moment before he was able to see clearly again. Was there a sound outside his door? He hastily looked in that direction. Matt? Was he watching?
Bullshit! What for?
He stared back at the TV where two man were going at it. Wow, he must have missed the cut to the next scene, while he had his eyes closed and fantasized about the passionate kiss. So, what. He turned it off. The scene would do its trick a couple of times, he was sure about that. Thus, he didn't want to finish the clip just now.
He pulled a Kleenex from the box, cleaned himself and stood.
Again, he thought he heard a noise outside the door, and gave in, although he was completely nude. Quietly he came closer to the door, ripped it open and: nothing. Yeah right. He was starting to lose it.
Shaking his head, he locked the door this time and then went to his adjacent bathroom to take a shower.

Afterwards he chose his clothes thoroughly and got dressed. Cowboy boots, black jeans, belt with a big buckle, tight black T-shirt, black and turquoise checkered flannel, which he wore open, of course. Then he grabbed his black Statson and critically looked at himself in the mirror, and also his butt. He grinned. Well, someone would get an appetite for sure, he hoped. He took his hat off once more, and checked his chin, but it was perfectly shaved. He winked at his image in the mirror, put his hat back on, and grabbed his wallet, his smartphone and two condoms. This should be enough and was hopefully not too optimistic.
He fished for his beer bottle on the nightstand, emptied it and opened his bedroom door.
He winced as he saw Matt at the fridge. He would have preferred leaving unseen.
“Have a good one“, he yelled at him, and grabbed his car keys.
“You’re going out?” Matt asked without taking the head out of the fridge.
“Sure. I haven't gone out for weeks and now I’m finally off for a couple of days. Don't worry about me in case I don't come home. So, you are free to roam.”
“Holy shit, you wanna get lucky?” Matt gasped when he looked up and came closer.
River made a lewd gesture with his tongue. “I’m horny, so I hope I find someone I like.”
“In a Country Bar?” Matt asked and looked at him skeptically.
“Yeah, but in mine there is a gay area. See ya ...”
“You wanna get laid?”
“So why don't you wanna come home? After all, it’s your house.”
“Because I don't constantly wanna wonder if you hear me having sex. I’m not really the quiet guy.” River grinned and was wondering when Matt had enough.
“Can I come with you? We are both Country music fans anyway.”
“Oh, please, look for your own club, huh?” River asked. “I go with you anywhere, you know that, but not to a gay club. Bye.” He winked at him and sighed a breath of relief when he pulled the door shut behind him.
Shortly later River got into his pickup and drove the few miles over to the club Steel Guitar. The one beer he had had, was almost alcohol free so he wasn't worried about it. If he really drank more, he would leave the car and pick it up tomorrow.

“Hey, River, what’s up?” the bouncer greeted him.

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