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December 2019 – Thank you to all my fans

I am proud to present the 2019 Christmas story, also available in English. The download is free.

River & Matt – The Christmas Kiss

Have fun reading!


November 2019

I am happy to announce that this year there will be a new Christmas Story available. The download will be free.

More to come on December 1, 2019.

I hope you are curious now. I am looking forward to your feedback. Of course, there will be a reward for it.

More to come soon.


May 2019

Surprisingly, my work on "Daniel & Kevin - Love and Protect" (in German) is slowly coming to an end. Although I was very hesitant to write this story, I am now quite happy I did. Last but not least, all of those positive and tireless mails encouraged me in the end to simply give it a try. Obviously, the two main characters were way too keen themselves to tell their story, otherwise this surely would have taken much longer. And in the end, I had quite some fun writing it.

If all goes well, we might be able to publish (in German) by summer break.

More news come soon.


P.S. By the way, I am still looking for English speaking publishers, please drop me a line in case you are interested.

November 2018

Since my partnership with Beau to Beau publishing company is unfortunately terminated, the following books will no longer be available on Amazon after the following dates:

Kyle & Jason – The Beginning – January 5, 2019

Kyle & Jason – Threesome – no longer available

Dave & Jessie – Healing – no longer available

In this connection I am looking for a reliable publishing company in the USA or other English-speaking country, which might be interested in publishing my English books.

Please contact me via e-mail for details.

Andy D. Thomas

September 2018

The wait is over.
"Luke & Tim - Bound Passion" (German edition)– excerpt now online.
The ebook will be available September 20, 2018. The print will be published October 1, 2018 by dead soft.


August 2018

I am happy to let you know the title of my new book:
"Luke & Tim - Bound Passion" (German edition)

More will follow soon.


Juni 2018

My work on the next book is coming to an end, and I wanted to let you know, what it will be about. Of course, it will be a story about desire and sex, but also about respect and deep emotions. But this time the preferences of the protagonists will definitely be in the BDSM-area, with all there is to it. So, what only scratched the surface in the other books, will get a bigger platform this time around. I hope you are curious now and that you will give the story a try.


April 2018

For all who are wondering what I am doing at the moment: I am working on a new book and hope to finish it late summer. I hope you have patience with me…


26. September 2017

Publication date (Amazon - ebook) September 24, 2017 - "Kyle & Jason - The Power of Love" (German Edition).

Sorry for the belated update. I was just informed myself. Excerpt and links will follow as soon as possible.

The ebook is now available at dead soft and others, print will follow October 15, 2017.


09. September 2017

Announcement: "Kyle & Jason - The Power of Love" (German Edition)
Available in stores soon – planned publishing date: October 2017

Juli 2017

By now I have finished the next and for now last sequel of Kyle & Jason. The text is with the publisher for editorial purposes. During the next few weeks I should get it back for review.

Februar 2017

In February 2017 "Kyle & Jason - Threesome" (English Edition) will be published by Beau to Beau.

When translating "Kyle & Jason - Threesome" I was shocked noticing that quite some errors have found their way into the German version (although the publisher was responsible for the final check). Thus, I immediately started translating "Dave & Jessie - Healing" into English and noticed similar errors in the German version. Meanwhile the publisher dead soft is in receipt of the corrected German versions and should have replaced them by now.

For all future work I will do the final check by myself.

Because of my work on translating during the last few months, finalizing the next "Kyle & Jason" book can be delayed.

September 2016

"Kyle & Jason - The Beginning" (English Edition) will be published by Beau to Beau.

April 2016

The next "Kyle & Jason" Story will be published in German mid 2017.

April 2016

The Book "Dave & Jessie - Healing" will be published in German around May 2016.

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