Dave & Jessie - Healing

Dave and Jessie: Healing


Book Three in the Kyle and Jason series

Andy D. Thomas

Copyright 2017: Andy D. Thomas

ISBN: 978-1-6184-5474-4

Beau to Beau Publishing


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Published in the United States of America.

First published in 2016 in German by Dead Soft; Title: "Dave & Jessie - Healing"

Translated into English by the Author: www.andydthomas.com

First of all, my thanks go to those readers who were able to wait patiently for the release of this book.

My further thanks go to Gemelli Ragazzi, who stepped bravely on virgin soil with each new chapter, and of course to J.H., who as usual was always by my side.

And, last but not least, warm thanks to Jeff for working with me again!

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