Dave & Jessie - Healing

And then something had happened that Dave had never counted on. He had been turned on while filming, and that alone had stunned him. Let aside the fact that he hadn't been aroused much since years when filming sex scenes.

Jason's boyfriend, Kyle Brennon, was only 18, and he thought the two of them were made for each other. With an age difference of 23 years, Kyle could have been Jason's son, and still the whole thing worked in a crazy way.

At the beginning, Dave hadn't taken Jason seriously, but in the meantime, he thought otherwise. How else should he explain that he had stepped on virgin soil with the two of them during the last few weeks?

For the first time in his life he had had normal sex.

Jason and Kyle had invited him to a sporadic threesome, and although he had turned it down, scoffing at the beginning, it still had happened eventually.

Apparently, Jason had never given up hope that he would come around at one point, and, thus, would have the chance to a normal life with normal sex and all too human feelings. This was something he dearly wished for his best friend. They had known each other already for 20 years, but until a short while ago they never had sex for apparent reasons.


Dave opened his eyes, and drank some water. Maybe his mind would calm down if he only kept his eyes open. He knew only too well what kind of a roller coaster ride of emotions he had been through because of those two.

He thought about Jason's party and smiled. He was looking forward to it. Finally he forgot what he had planned on, and closed his eyes again.


Immediately his mind continued.

He ran his hands over his face as the emotions welled up that the first touches by Kyle and Jason had triggered on his year-long isolated body.

By now he knew that he was able to allow being touched, except that it probably triggered ten times more intensive emotions than with anybody else. Dave had never before been so mentally exhausted than over the last few weeks. It had bothered him day and night, if he wanted or not.

None of his Subs he had every really caressed -touched and grabbed, yes; caressed in the pure sense of it, no‑; but Kyle and Jason he did.

It had worn him down to watch the two of them having sex, and not only fucking each other senseless, but making love. Deep inside it had woken emotions that he had blocked out. It had woken an incredible desire he didn't know existed, and he wondered if he should allow it or not.

They had been on the right track, had had a lot of fun together and hot sex, until this disastrous day on which the accident with Kyle had happened.

Like several times before, the three of them had woken up in Jason's huge bed, and started the day with sex. Everything had been wonderful, and he had enjoyed what Kyle had done to him, until he had kicked Kyle panic-stricken with a reflex-like kick from the bed. In his mind he still saw Kyle lying unconscious on the bedroom floor. Kyle had fractured two ribs, and partially fractured one.

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